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CAPE Purpose & Membership

The office is multi-purpose. It serves as a center for CAPE activities, and provides a location for various activities of the organization, and as a meeting place for small groups.

We have assembled and/or developed information leaflets of special interest to senior faculty, or those planning ahead to retirement. There is a limited number of publications available in the office.

The office is staffed by a part-time administrative assisstant. If you would like further information, contact the CAPE office.

Membership Eligibility: Persons are eligible for membership on the basis of their inclusion in any one of the following three categories:

Those retired from the professional staff at Cornell who performed an academic function e.g., taught or researched, were librarians or extension associates, academic counselors or advisors.

Those from the non-academic staff of administration or extension who have been granted emeritus status by the Cornell University Board of Trustees e.g., Director of the Budget, Emeritus; Director of Admissions, Emeritus; University Counsel, Emeritus; and so forth.

Those who have been awarded the title of Professor Emeritus by Presidential action.

You're invited!! The CAPE Membership Form is can be found here.